50+ Nepali Baby Names for Newborn princess With Meanings

Explore a curated list of 50+ Nepali baby names for newborn princesses, each with its own beautiful meaning. Find the perfect name that embodies grace, elegance, and cultural significance for your little princess.

Apr 3, 2024 - 06:23
Apr 3, 2024 - 06:28
50+ Nepali Baby Names for Newborn princess With Meanings
Nepali baby names

Naming your baby is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent. It's a name that will attend your child throughout their life, determining their identity and character. If you're looking for beautiful and meaningful Nepali names for your bundle of joy, you're in the right place. Here's a some list of over 50+ Nepali baby names along with their meanings:

list of over 50+ Nepali baby names for Newborn princess along with their meanings

  1. Anjali (अञ्जली)

    • Meaning: Offering

    • Description: Anjali is a name that signifies the act of giving and devotion. It reflects the spirit of generosity and humility.

  2. Bimala (बिमला)

  3. Chandani (चन्दनी)

    • Meaning: Moonlight

    • Description: Chandani evokes the beauty and serenity of the moonlight, suggesting calmness and tranquility.

  4. Devi (देवी)

    • Meaning: Goddess

    • Description: Devi honors the divine feminine energy, representing strength, grace, and nurturing.

  5. Ganga (गंगा) :

    • Meaning: Sacred river Ganges

    • Description: Ganga is a name imbued with spiritual significance, symbolizing purity and the flow of life.

  6. Hema (हेमा)

    • Meaning: Golden

    • Description: Hema reflects the radiance and brilliance of gold, signifying wealth and prosperity.

  7. Indira (इन्दिरा)

    • Meaning: Beauty

    • Description: Indira exudes beauty and elegance, capturing the essence of feminine charm and allure.

  8. Jyoti (ज्योति) 

    • Meaning: Light

    • Description: Jyoti represents illumination and enlightenment, suggesting wisdom and guidance.

  9. Kamala (कमला) 

    • Meaning: Lotus

    • Description: Kamala symbolizes purity and spiritual growth, as the lotus blooms beautifully amidst murky waters.

  10. Laxmi (लक्ष्मी)

    • Meaning: Goddess of wealth

    • Description: Laxmi embodies prosperity and abundance, bestowing fortune and blessings upon her devotees.

  11. Mira (मीरा)

    • Meaning: Ocean or sea

    • Description: Mira conjures images of vastness and depth, symbolizing the boundless expanse of the ocean.

  12. Nisha (निशा)

    • Meaning: Night; dream

    • Description: Nisha evokes the mystique of the night and the realm of dreams, suggesting enchantment and imagination.

  13. Pooja (पूजा)

    • Meaning: Prayer

    • Description: Pooja signifies devotion and reverence, reflecting the act of worship and spiritual connection.

  14. Rekha (रेखा)

    • Meaning: Line or streak

    • Description: Rekha denotes precision and clarity, representing the delineation of boundaries and paths.

  15. Sita (सिता)

    • Meaning: Furrow (like in agriculture)

    • Description: Sita symbolizes fertility and cultivation, embodying the nurturing aspect of the earth.

  16. Tara (तारा)

    • Meaning: Star

    • Description: Tara shines brightly in the celestial realm, guiding and illuminating the path for others.

  17. Uma (उमा)

    • Meaning: Nation, also a name of Goddess Parvati

    • Description: Uma represents strength and sovereignty, echoing the power and majesty of a nation.

  18. Vani (वाणी)

    • Meaning: Speech or voice

    • Description: Vani signifies communication and expression, highlighting the importance of language and dialogue.

  19. Yashoda (यशोदा)

    • Meaning: One who is famous

    • Description: Yashoda celebrates fame and renown, acknowledging the achievements and recognition of an individual.

  20. Zara (जारा)

    • Meaning: Princess

    • Description: Zara embodies regal elegance and grace, reflecting the nobility and sophistication of a princess.

  21. Kanchhi (काञ्छी)

    • Meaning: Younger sister

    • Description: Kanchhi celebrates the bond of sisterhood, signifying love, support, and companionship.

  22. Manisha (मनिषा)

    • Meaning: Intellect, mind

    • Description: Manisha embodies intellectual prowess and mental acuity, highlighting the power of the mind in shaping our perceptions and experiences.

  23. Nandini (नन्दिनी)

    • Meaning: Daughter, joyful

    • Description: Nandini exudes joy and happiness, symbolizing the delight and fulfillment brought by the presence of a daughter.

  24. Priya (प्रिया)

    • Meaning: Beloved, dear

    • Description: Priya is a name filled with affection and endearment, signifying the cherished bond between loved ones.

  25. Rajani (रजनी)

    • Meaning: Night

    • Description: Rajani evokes the mystique of the night, symbolizing introspection, rest, and the unfolding of dreams.

  26. Sandhya (सन्ध्या)

    • Meaning: Twilight

    • Description: Sandhya represents the magical transition between day and night, embodying the beauty and serenity of twilight hours.

  27. Shanti (शान्ति)

    • Meaning: Peace

    • Description: Shanti emanates tranquility and harmony, offering a sense of calmness and serenity amidst life's challenges.

  28. Shreya (श्रेया)

    • Meaning: Auspicious, fortunate

    • Description: Shreya symbolizes blessings and good fortune, embodying the auspiciousness of life's journey.

  29. Subhadra (सुभद्रा)

    • Meaning: Auspicious, gentle

    • Description: Subhadra represents auspiciousness and gentleness, reflecting the nurturing and supportive nature of loved ones.

  30. Surabhi (सुरभी)

    • Meaning: Fragrance, divine cow

    • Description: Surabhi exudes sweetness and fragrance, reminiscent of the divine cow that fulfills all desires and grants abundance.

  31. Tanuja (तनुजा)

    • Meaning: Daughter

    • Description: Tanuja celebrates the bond between parents and their daughter, symbolizing love, protection, and nurturing care.

  32. Usha (उषा)

    • Meaning: Dawn, morning

    • Description: Usha heralds the arrival of dawn, signifying the beginning of a new day filled with hope and possibilities.

  33. Anamika (अनामिका)

  •  Meaning: Nameless

  • Description: Anamika speaks to the mysterious and enigmatic, suggesting a sense of intrigue and fascination.

  1. Ishani (ईशानी)

    • Meaning: Consort of Lord Shiva

    • Description: Ishani is associated with the divine feminine energy, embodying strength, devotion, and spirituality.

  2. Janaki (जानकी)

    • Meaning: Daughter of King Janak (Sita)

    • Description: Janaki celebrates the noble lineage and heritage of Sita, symbolizing strength, resilience, and virtue.

  3. Kala (कला)

    • Meaning: Art, talent

    • Description: Kala represents creativity and skill, acknowledging the power of artistic expression and innovation.

  4. Lata (लता)

    • Meaning: Creeper, vine

    • Description: Lata symbolizes growth and vitality, reflecting the flourishing and intertwining nature of life's journey.

  5. Maya (माया)

    • Meaning: Illusion, magic

    • Description: Maya speaks to the mysterious and ephemeral, suggesting a sense of wonder and enchantment.

  6. Nandita (नन्दिता)

    • Meaning: Cheerful, joyful

    • Description: Nandita exudes happiness and positivity, bringing joy and laughter wherever she goes.

  7. Purnima (पूर्णिमा)

    • Meaning: Full moon

    • Description: Purnima symbolizes completeness and fulfillment, reflecting the luminous beauty of the full moon.

  8. Ragini (रागिनी)

    • Meaning: Melody

    • Description: Ragini resonates with harmonious tunes, symbolizing the rhythm and melody of life's journey.

  9. Shilpa (शिल्पा)

    • Meaning: Art, craft

    • Description: Shilpa celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and creativity, acknowledging the skill and dedication required to create.

  10. Sushma (सुष्मा)

    • Meaning: Beautiful, graceful

    • Description: Sushma embodies grace and elegance, radiating beauty and charm in every aspect.

  11. Trishna (त्रिष्णा)

    • Meaning: Thirst

    • Description: Trishna symbolizes the longing and desire for fulfillment, reflecting the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction.

  12. Neeta (निता)

    • Meaning: Leading, guide

    • Description: Neeta signifies leadership and guidance, suggesting strength and wisdom in navigating life's path.

  13. Padma (पद्मा)

    • Meaning: Lotus

    • Description: Padma symbolizes purity and enlightenment, reflecting the unfolding of spiritual growth and awakening.

  14. Renu (रेणु)

    • Meaning: Grain of sand

    • Description: Renu speaks to the small yet significant aspects of life, reminding us to appreciate the beauty and resilience found in simplicity.

  15. Shruti (श्रुति)

    • Meaning: Hearing, Vedas

    • Description: Shruti embodies the sacred sound and wisdom found within the ancient scriptures, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

  16. Sweta (स्वेता)

    • Meaning: White

    • Description: Sweta represents purity and clarity, reflecting the pristine beauty of a white canvas.

  17. Urmila (उर्मिला)

    • Meaning: Enchantress, wife of Lakshmana (Ramayana)

    • Description: Urmila embodies charm and allure, symbolizing the captivating presence of a beloved partner.

  18. Varsha (वर्षा)

    • Meaning: Rain

    • Description: Varsha celebrates the life-giving force of rain, symbolizing renewal, fertility, and abundance.

  19. Bhavna (भावना)

    • Meaning: Emotion, feeling

    • Description: Bhavna underscores the depth of human emotions, acknowledging the complexity and richness of our inner world.

  20. Charulata (चारुलता)

    • Meaning: Beautiful creeper

    • Description: Charulata embodies grace and elegance, symbolizing the delicate yet resilient nature of life's journey.

  21. Deepa (दीपा)

    • Meaning: Lamp, light

    • Description: Deepa represents illumination and guidance, signifying the light that dispels darkness and leads the way forward.

  22. Gitika (गीतिका)

    • Meaning: Song

    • Description: Gitika resonates with melodious harmony, symbolizing the rhythm and beauty of life's journey.