TU Retotaling: TU BBS, BSc, B.Ed, BA, BBA, CSIT, MBS, MSc Retotaling Process

Learn about the retotaling process for TU exams including BBS, BSc, B.Ed, BA, BBA, CSIT, MBS, and MSc. Find out how to request a re-evaluation and improve your grades.

Feb 13, 2024 - 14:24
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TU Retotaling: TU BBS, BSc, B.Ed, BA, BBA, CSIT, MBS, MSc Retotaling Process

Applying for retotaling of Tribhuvan University (TU) courses in Nepal offers students a convenient pathway to review their exam results. Whether opting for the online or offline route, the process is designed for ease and accessibility.

TU Results Announcement:

In Falgun 2080, TU unveiled the Bachelor’s and Master’s Result for the year. This crucial information was disseminated through various channels including the official websites tuexam.edu.np and fomec.edu.np, alongside SMS notifications.

Tribhuvan University Retotaling Process

Tribhuvan University entertains retotaling requests for diverse courses and programs. This entails a post-publication review of exam results. Students dissatisfied with their TU Bachelor’s Results for 2080 can opt for retotaling within either 14 or 35 days, depending on the system. Each subject's retotaling incurs a fee of Rs. 500. The Annual System allows a retotaling timeframe of 35 days, whereas for the Semester System, it's 14 days.

Tribhuvan University Application Process Through Online:

Initiating the retotaling process is straightforward. Students can visit the TU website or the controller examination's office to fill out the application form, providing personal details, exam information, and selecting subjects for retotaling. Upon submission, a confirmation is issued. Noteworthy, there's a fee per subject: NPR 200 for the Annual System and NPR 500 for the Semester System.

Authority Name Tribhuvan University
Application Name TU Retotaling Application
Website tuexam.edu.np
Application Mode Online and Offline
Semester System Retotaling Deadline Within 14 days after results.
Annual System Retotaling Deadline Within 35 days after results
Annual System Retotaling Fee NPR 200 per subject
FOM Bachelor Semester System Retotaling Fee NPR 400 per subject
FOM Master Semester System Retotaling Fee NPR 500 per subject
FOM M.Phil Semester System Retotaling Fee NPR 600 per subject
IOST Bachelor Semester System Retotaling Fee NPR 500 per subject.

tuexam.edu.np 2080 Retotaling Application

For online retotaling, students navigate to tuexam.edu.np, locate the ‘Retotaling Application’ section, and accurately complete the form, attaching necessary documents. Upon submission, a confirmation message is issued.


In order to complete the application process, students are required to provide exact details pertaining to the subjects they wish to have re-evaluated, accompanied by any relevant supporting documentation or rationale for their appeal.

Upon submission of the application, students can expect to promptly receive an acknowledgment of their submission, along with any subsequent directives regarding payment procedures or supplementary documentation that may be necessary.

TU Retolling Application Form

If you're unhappy with your B.B.S., B.Ed., B.Sc., or B.A., and you want to request a re-evaluation, you can grab the TU retotaling application form here. Or, you can swing by the Examination Control Office in Balkhu and pick up the form at the inquiry room.

Retotaling for Faculty of Management (FOM) Programs:

If you got lower grades in any of the programs offered by the Faculty of Management (FOM) at Tribhuvan University (TU) like BIM, BBA, BHM, BTTM, BBM, BPA, MBM, MTTM, MHM, MBA, MFC, MPhil_MGMT, or MPhil_PA, you can ask for a re-evaluation of your marks.

Also, if you're studying in programs like MBM, MBA-CL, MBA-M, MBA-F, MHM, MTTM, MATS, MBS, or MPA within FOM, TU, and want to re-evaluate your results, you can grab the retotaling form from TU's official website. Once you've filled it out, take it to the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Management (FOM) to apply. Make sure to give correct details on the form and follow any extra instructions from the Dean’s office during the submission.

How to Apply for TU Retotaling Online 2080?

Here's how to apply for retotaling of your TU exams online:

  1. Go to the official website of Tribhuvan University – tuexam.edu.np.
    2. Find the section for 'Retotaling Application' on the homepage.
    3. Click on either 'Apply Now' or 'Retotaling Application.'
    4. Fill in the application form with your details, like personal info, exam details, and why you want a re-evaluation.
    5. Upload any needed documents or proof.
    6. Double-check all the info and then submit the application.
    7. If there's a fee, pay it using the provided payment method.
    8. After successfully submitting the application, you'll get a confirmation message.

How to Apply for TU Retotaling Offline for Annual and Semester Systems

If you want to request a re-evaluation under the annual system, here's what to do:

1. Go to the Examination Control Office in Balkhu or the Regional Examination Control Offices.
2. At Balkhu, go to the inquiry room to get the retotaling form. You can also download it online.
3. Fill out the form and take it to Room no. 2 for registration and submission.
4. If you're not in Kathmandu Valley, contact your Regional Examination Control Office.

For the semester system, follow these steps:

1. Each faculty's Dean's office has its own process. Visit the Dean's office for info on retotaling and other stuff.
2. Make sure to follow the right procedures based on the system you're applying under (annual or semester).

If you have questions or need help with the TU Retotaling Application 2080, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you through the whole thing.