Domain to IP

How to Find Domain to IP

Numerous methods exist for locating an IP address, either for your own use or a website's. You can employ commands like 'tracer' or 'ping' to obtain an IP address. However, obtaining the IP address alone will not provide you with comprehensive information.

For detailed insight into a domain's IP, visit on your web browser and access the 'Domain to IP' tool, or navigate to by pasting this link in your browser's address bar. The tool will display, allowing you to input the domain name for which you require the IP address. After submission, the application will furnish you with the domain name, IP address, country of origin, and the hosting service provider.

This information is not only insightful but also instrumental in determining the actual service provider for your domain. You might have procured web hosting services from a provider located in your vicinity or country. However, your internet service provider could be a reseller for another hosting service based in a different country. This means that your business in Singapore could have its website hosted in Australia.

A significant number of web hosting service providers are situated in the United States due to their ability to offer cost-effective hosting with a global reach and impeccable service quality.


Understanding the internet service provider for any domain on the internet is invaluable information. It not only discloses the precise IP address of the domain but also reveals its hosting location. If you suspect that a competitor's website is outperforming yours due to their superior hosting service, you can gain insight by performing a domain to IP lookup using This data empowers you to decide whether it's time to switch from your current hosting service provider to one that better aligns with your goals.