Prepare for Your Driving License: Sample Written Exam Questions, Driving License Likhit Exam Model Questions

driving license written exam with our model questions. Practice with our comprehensive Likhit exam model questions to ensure success.

Mar 31, 2024 - 08:18

1. Who should first be prioritized on Zebra Crossing?


2. For what purpose should the looking glass be used?

To overtake
To back
Both of them
Not of them

3. Why should one keep on changing gear?

To decrease speed
To increase speed
To blow horn
Both to increase or to decrease speed

4. In Nepal driving on which side is punishable?

Right side
Left side
None of them

5. What shouldn't be done before you get a driving license?

Not to sit in the vehicle
Not to buy a vehicle
Not to drive the vehicle
Drive the vehicle

6. What is embossed number plate?

Number plate written with Enamel
Number plate written with etched/brocaded/carved letter
Number plate written with raised letters
All of the above

7. What happens if the vehicle’s tires are over-inflated?

Vehicle accelerates quickly.
Tires wear out evenly.
Tire blowout is possible.
No effect on the vehicle.

8. What does the 'Check Engine' light on the dashboard indicate?

Engine is running smoothly.
Engine needs immediate attention.
Low fuel level.
No issue with the engine.

9. After how many hours do long distance public vehicles have to take a break on the road?

Every four hours.
Every two hours.
Every one hours.
None of them.

10. How much rupee ticket has to be pasted on the application form for the route permit & change of ownership?

Ten rupees.
Five Rupees
One rupee.
two rupee.

11. After how many years of expiry of registration can a vehicle be re-registered?

3 years.
15 years.
7 years.
5 years.

12. In what condition does the brake light glow?

While changing gears.
While pressing the accelerator
While using foot brake.
While blowing horn.

13. Which of the following sources powers the horn?

Air pressure
Both a and b

14. What is the function of a clutch?

Increase speed
Decrease speed
Free engine from gear
Stop the vehicle

15. What kind of vehicle is more suitable for making a city pollution-free?


16. Which pollution is caused by vehicular smoke?

Air pollution
Soil pollution
Water pollution
Sound pollution

17. Which light should be turned on while turning the vehicle?

Fog light
Brake light
Side light

18. In what kind of place does the driver have to slow the speed?

School area
Densely populated area
All of the above

19. What is the speed limit one has to drive in densely populated area?

More than 40 KM/Hour
Less than 40 KM/Hour
Less than 35 KM/Hour
All of the above

20. What should be done when the yellow light glows when you reach a zebra crossing?

To keep on going ahead
To stop the vehicle
To be prepared to drive the vehicle ahead
All of the above

21. How many types of international traffic signs are there?

Three types
one types
two types
No clarity

22. Among the given options, which doesn’t control traffic on the road?

Traffic police
Department of Transport Management
Road line
Traffic signal

23. What does this traffic sign indicate?

What does this traffic sign indicate?
Rest place
Residental area
Shelter place.

24. What does this traffic sign indicate?

What does this traffic sign indicate?

25. What does this traffic sign indicate?

What does this traffic sign indicate?