Galli Maps Introduces Live Location for Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra

Discover the magic of Nepal's Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra with Galli Maps' live location feature. Follow the revered deity's journey through Patan City in real-time.

May 11, 2024 - 12:50
Galli Maps Introduces Live Location for Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra
Galli Maps Live Location

Galli Maps, the leading navigation and mapping platform, is thrilled to unveil its latest offering: live tracking of the Rato Machhindranath Rath. This marks a significant milestone in our dedication to innovation and cultural preservation, as users can now witness the annual procession of the revered Rato Machhindranath deity as it traverses the streets of Patan City.

Galli Maps Live Location: Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra

The Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra holds a special place in Nepal's heart, commemorating the deity's journey from Bungamati to Patan. With Galli Maps' live location feature, users can immerse themselves in this cherished tradition, tracking the Rath's progress in real-time and ensuring they don't miss a single moment of this vibrant cultural extravaganza.

CEO Speaks

Raj Bikram Maharjan, CEO of Galli Maps, emphasized the significance of this new feature, stating, "At Galli Maps, we recognize the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. Following the success of Indra Jatra, we're excited to introduce live tracking for the Rato Machhindranath Rath, enabling users to engage with this centuries-old tradition in an unprecedented manner."

Real-Time Updates

The live location feature delivers timely updates on the Rath's whereabouts, including its current position, estimated arrival times at key checkpoints, and any notable events along its route. Whether you're a local eager to partake in the festivities or a traveler intrigued by Nepal's diverse cultural landscape, Galli Maps ensures you can follow the Rath's journey effortlessly. Additionally, Galli Maps offers a unique feature for searching house numbers provided by the Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC), enhancing your navigation experience further.

How to Access

To access the live location of the Rato Machhindranath Rath, simply open the Galli Maps app and navigate to the special events section of Bunga Dya. From there, users can track the Rath's movement in real-time, enabling them to plan their visit accordingly and participate in this treasured cultural celebration.

Join Us

Galli Maps remains dedicated to enriching users' navigation experiences with innovative features while celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions of the communities we serve. We extend a warm invitation to users worldwide to join us in experiencing the enchantment of the Rato Machhindranath Rath Yatra through Galli Maps' live location feature.


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